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- CA 72-4,
- Determination of CA 19-9 level
- Determination of AFP (Alpha fetoprotein) level
- Guaiac fecal occult blood
- Colonoscopy
- Upper GIS endoscopy

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At our website, we are at your service with the slogan of reliable and quick results and with the laboratory results presented in high quality international quality standards for healthy life.

The Synevo Medical Laboratories, which is one of the leading laboratory chains in Europe, provides quality and safe services to its customers as a reference point of the industry with its all documented quality of infrastructure and knowledge.

Synevo has main laboratory and IMD laboratories in Germany as well as in Turkey and offers a wide range of advanced technology laboratory diagnostic services through 70 laboratories, 4100 employees and a total of 94 million test capacities in 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our specially trained and highly experienced medical team has always improved itself on collection and processing of samples of all ages in order to provide better quality services with internal and external trainings and scientific meetings.

The quality modern and technological infrastructure of superior standards of Synevo Central Laboratories have been accredited by national and international accreditation bodies, so it continues its existence and development to produce reliable and rapid results.

General health check-up or “Check-Up” is a screening method that should be undergone at regular intervals by healthy individuals of all age groups without any complaints and discomfort.

General health screening reveals your general state of health.

* Therefore, chronic asymptomatic diseases that are existing and potential can be detected and correct treatment can be provided at the right time.

* Early diagnosis of some cancers can be life-saving.

* With the detection of familial diseases, other family members undergo medical screening, and diagnosis and treatment can be provided for them at the right time.